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Ms. Shaarika Menon
Consultant Psychologist
MA (Psy), Mphil (Psy)


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Ms. Shaarika Menon is a renowned Consultant Psychologist who serves as the CEO of Mindport. She holds a graduate degree in Law, Masters in Psychology and an M Phil. Ms. Sharika founded Mindport in 2018 to cater to the increasingly rising mental health issues among most urban people. Consequently, she built and brought together a strong and unique network of Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and Consultant Psychologists under one roof - Mindport. With one mission - mental wellness for all.

Ms. Menon also works directly with educational organizations and corporates as a Mental Wellness Consultant offering in-house counselling for professionals in areas related to work-life balance, stress and anger management.

  • Marital and Relationship Issues

  • Child-Adolescents-Womens' mental health

  • Anger Management

  • Grief counselling

  • Mindful life management


Ms. Shaarika Menon - Founder

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Our client testimonials speak for themselves. People have had their lives transformed through our well oriented sessions.

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One of a kind clinic that brings Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and Consultant Psychologists - all under one roof.

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Our doctors have decades of experience behind them and offer a myriad of psychotherapy treatments based on proactive diagnoses.

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MindPort offers therapy to individuals and families dealing with issues ranging from depression, anxiety, work related stress, dyslexia, adolescent issues, substance abuse, relationships, family issues, psycho- oncology and more.


Don't wait too long to get diagnosed. If you feel uneasy, get help immediately, from an expert.



Need help with raising your kid through the crucial phase of adolescense? Talk to us.


Don't let your child be left behind. If you suspect they're slow learners, get help immediately.


Consult our experts for issues regarding couples' intimacy, conflicts, etc. and build healthy relationships.


Anxiety can kill all motivation. Schedule an appointment to get diagnosed and seek help.


Mood swings are normal, extreme mood swings are not. Get therapy if the case if of the latter.


Sudden, intense bouts of anger or rage are never good signs. Get help and learn how to control your emotions.


Take a disciplined approach to beating technology and gadget abuse/overuse with our expert organized plans.


Unwanted changes in behaviour such as OCD, phobia, etc. could indicate an underlying behavioural disorder.


A major disorder that could be fatal if untreated. Read more and get help immediately if symptoms appear.


Series of verbal, written and visual tests to understand and diagnose any potential mental health issues.

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