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Professional at hand to help you manage your emotions!

Don't let mental health issues destroy your social and personal life.

Consult a Mental Health Professional today!

A solution for all your mental health problems.
Talk to us. Let us help you.

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Marriage/Couples Counselling

Taking care of your health

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Best Psychotherapy
Centre in the City
Veteran Psychotherapists
& Clinical Psychologists

Our client testimonials speak for themselves. People have had their lives transformed through our well oriented sessions.

One of a kind clinic that brings Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and Consultant Psychologists - all under

one roof.

Our doctors have decades of experience behind them and offer a myriad of psychotherapy treatments based on proactive diagnoses.

Blurry Flowers


“Mindport is a team of strong professionals. The environment is very positive. I had been facing a lot of personal issues in my life. Then I met Ms. Sharika Menon - one of the best mental health experts in Trivandrum with in-depth knowledge of Psychology.” 


—  Nithin Thomas

Paving the way to your healthy mind

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