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Psychological Testing

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We, at Mindport, offer psychological tests in order to understand our clients’ mental health condition. Psychological tests include different kinds of written, verbal and visual tests. The result of these tests will help evaluators to arrive at a diagnosis of a mental health problem and corresponding treatment for the client.

Psychological Testing

Just like medical tests, which are used to assess physical health symptoms, psychological tests are used to assess mental health areas, including:

  • Conditions like anxiety and depression

  • Traits like introversion and extraversion

  • Intelligence, aptitude and achievement such as verbal intelligence and reading achievement

  • Attitudes and feelings

  • Specific abilities, knowledge or skills such as cognitive ability, memory and problem-solving skills 

Psychological testing is used to evaluate both children and adults. Please note that there isn’t a single “universal test” for all patients. The tests, which are based on scientifically tested psychological theories, will vary according to the type of patient. For example, a child who’s having trouble at school may be tested for learning disabilities and personality issues, whereas an adult having problems at work may be tested for anger management or depressive disorders. Some of the psychological tests include:


  • Aptitude Test

  • Attitude Test

  • Achievement Test

  • Cognitive Test

  • Intelligence Test

  • Personality Test

  • Neuropsychological Test

  • Direct observation


The first step of mental wellness is reaching out and talking to other people. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, get in touch with us as soon as possible. Early and accurate identification of mental illness is crucial for successful treatment. Our team of mental health experts are trained to identify mental issues and provide the best possible treatment. So, don’t wait and book an appointment with us before it’s too late.   

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