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Couples Counselling

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Couple counselling, is a space for two people to interact with the counsellor to explore and address inter-personal concerns including intimacy, communication, conflicts etc. The counsellor's focus is on the relationship between the two, and maintain neutrality to both parties in the relationship, and the status of the relationship itself. Generally the term "Couple Counselling" is used as an umbrella term to cover "Marriage Counselling", "Marital Therapy", "Couple Therapy", "Relationship Counselling", "Marriage Therapy", "Pre-Marital Counselling" etc.  

Couple Counselling is also for pre-marital counselling. A couple thinking of marriage could use the pre-marital counselling space to objectively and systematically look at how each of them think about marriage, talk through their expectations, hopes and fears, and in the process develop a better understanding of each other. Such a discussion often helps prepare the couple for the marriage ahead, well beyond the wedding itself.

Marriage and Family Therapy

When to seek couple counselling?

You could benefit from couples therapy in a variety of scenarios such as:


  • Your relationship with your partner has hit a roadblock and you want to get your relationship back on track

  • You are having challenges in communicating with each other - there are fights, resentment or other unpleasantness

  • You have difficulties in  dealing with in-laws, money, career, parenting etc

  • You are planning a marriage and want to be better informed (pre-marital counselling)

  • There are issues with sexuality, monogamy etc

  • Your children are grown up and you are rediscovering each other

  • You notice certain things about each other, or a changed or new behaviour that you find hard to deal with

What Results Can You Expect?

General benefits for the relationship and the individuals in it include bringing greater self- and other- awareness and helping the clients understand their needs, desires, develop better communication skills and recognize how they are affecting the relationship and/or getting affected in it. The following are some of the benefits through couple counselling:


  • Closeness and intimacy that comes from a safe, trusting, and committed marriage.

  • Open, honest, and respectful communication where you are truly heard.

  • Conflict that gets resolved and brings you closer together.

  • Renewed sexual vitality with your spouse.

  • A safe, trusting, and meaningful relationship with your spouse.

  • A greater love for yourself, your marriage, and your future together.

  • Shared meaning, purpose, and vision for your life and your marriage or relationship.


Sometimes making the decision to go to couple counseling can be tough. If you have a troubled relationship, however, seeking help is more effective than ignoring your problems or hoping they get better on their own. Sometimes taking the first step by admitting the relationship needs help is the hardest part. Most individuals find the experience to be insightful and empowering.

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